Zion NP, 7/30/12

Found some WiFi in the lobby of the Bryce Lodge, so here’s a brief post. We’ve been to a lot of parks recently and the consensus is that they are all incredible in their own way. Bryce has been no different. Putting aside broken water mains (now fixed) and early morning fire alarms going off (half of us were already up and heading out to the sunrise anyway), Bryce is quite spectacular. Hoodoos! Who knew?

We’re leaving Bryce tomorrow and driving Rt 12 to Torrey, one of America’s more scenic drives. We may find time to post tomorrow night, but no promises. We’re having too much fun!

Sunrise @ Bryce, Bryce NP, 7/31/12

Wall Street, Bryce NP, 7/31/12

Wall Street, Bryce NP, 7/31/12